The Clear 500mg & 1000mg Elite Cartridge  

Completely uncut our potency is well over 90% THC, making the Elite cartridge perfect for the moderate to heavy users. Using C-Cell technology, there has never been a better cartridge in the cannabis industry.

The Clear 500mg 1:1 / CBD:THC Elite Cartridge  

We take our uncut Clear™ Concentrate and mix it, 50/50, with our  Clear™ CBD Isolate. Using

c-cell technology you'll elevate your high while experiencing the added benefits of Farm Bill Certified CBD & 100% organic terps.  

The Clear™ Syringes 

The Clear™ Syringes are the Honey Bucket revitalized & crafted by popular demand. This ultra-refined product is already activated and can be used in a number of ways. Your options are limitless when it comes to these potent syringes. Maybe you're a creative chef or topical enthusiast,  perhaps you would rather dab or vape, you'll need no other cannabis product than the Clear™.

The Clear 500mg Classic Cartridge  

The Classic is the original Clear™ product line. Starting at a potency of 70% THC, the Classic cartridge is perfect for day use and offers a less intense experience. The Clear™ concentrate is mixed with MCT oil and our organic terpenes for the best taste and consistency on the market today.

The Clear™ 220mg CBD Cartridge  

We take pure Clear CBD Isolate and introduce it to our 100% organic terpenes. Mixed with MCT oil this Farm Bill Certified CBD provides our consumers with consistent dosing and all the benefits of quality CBD without the psychoactive effect.    

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